Puzzle Piece Fundraiser


Buy a puzzle piece in memory of a baby who is no longer with us.

All of the pieces will be put together to make a beautiful puzzle with the names of babies remembered on each piece.  This is a great gift for a mom who has lost her baby.

*Please list the baby’s name you would like to be written on the puzzle piece in the notes section on the checkout page.

*If you would like for us to notify a mom that a puzzle piece has been bought in memory of her baby, please put her name and email address in the notes section on the checkout page, along with the baby’s name.


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This puzzle piece is a symbolic representation.  When you purchase a piece it will buy you that piece to have your baby’s name written on it.  The piece will be part of a whole puzzle that, when put together, will collectively represent 100 babies.

*You will not physically receive the puzzle piece, but you will receive a picture of the puzzle and puzzle piece with your baby’s name on it.  We will also send that picture to someone if you are donating in memory as a gift.