Welcome to Project Gabriel!

Project Gabriel is about showing love, encouragement, hope, + community to the women + their families who have experienced miscarriage, perinatal, or infant loss.  

Project Gabriel is about meeting women where they are.  It’s about an opportunity to show love to a woman who might really need it.  It’s about building relationships that have strong bonds just because we women have been through something really hard.  It’s about offering resources to family and friends who want to help but don’t know what to do.  It’s about opening up conversations, not straying away from them.  It’s about embracing our family, our babies, our lives and not hiding away and pretending loss didn’t happen.  It’s about hope.

We want women to know that they are not alone as they walk through the loss of their baby whether it’s by miscarriage, perinatal, or infant loss.


Next Meeting::
April meeting date TBA.  Please check back for details.